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If you have an Apple Watch, purchase the Premium Club subscription. You can even switch between light and dark themes - or customize it to display the data points you actually care about. If you become a Premium Club member, you'll unlock half-hourly background updates, rain prediction, and a whole host of customization options: change colors, switch between actual and "feels like" temps, and add extra data points like UV index and precipitation chance to both the large and small slots. I mean, technically she has that ability, but there are foolproof security checks in place to ensure that she cannot create a superstorm that will wipe out all humanity. From spooky fog to icy blizzards, CARROT has different themes for every possible weather condition.

With over 2,000 lines of dialogue, you'll never have more fun checking the weather.

There is no way around this satellite delay when using GEO satellites, and don't let any sales folk tell you there is.

Low Earth Orbit satellites like Iridium and Globalstar have significantly less latency as they are just a few hundred miles above the Earth.

Satellite latency is about 240 ms each way, or a total of almost 500ms.

Combine that with the terrestrial network latencies and your typical round trip ping times to the satellite are about 720ms.

Premium Club members can also use Weather Underground as an alternate data source.

This worked quite well for many years, since old AG Bell invented it, but the voice signal was subject to interference, losses and distortion, and often did not come out quite right at the other end..

For Apple Watch users, you can unlock automatic background updates, notifications, and complication customization.

(Note: Weather Underground data and animated radar costs extra on the Apple Watch.) CARROT supports precipitation and severe weather alerts, plus daily reports on the upcoming weather for your area.

To be even more cost effective, the digital signal is compressed before it goes down the wire and then decompressed at the other end into good quality voice.

The time delay between data leaving the satellite and reaching the ground network and vice versa.

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