Avg trouble updating dial up

The Ti Vo Premiere Q provides the full DVR capability while the Ti Vo Mini provides much of the same Ti Vo experience; access Live TV, Grande On Demand, Netflix, easily find shows with Ti Vo Search and Browse, watch recorded shows from your Ti Vo Premiere Q, listen to Internet radio stations on Pandora, Live 365 and Rhapsody and display photo slideshows from Internet services like Photobucket and Picasa. To sign up for Ti Vo you need TV service and Power 15 Internet service or higher from Grande. Our unique features rely on delivering entertainment across Live TV, Grande On Demand and the web. You can record four shows at the same time on a Ti Vo Premiere Q (Multi-Room Ti Vo) and two shows on a Ti Vo Premiere.

This enables us to guarantee quality and resolve any technical difficulties that may impact your Ti Vo experience. With Ti Vo Premiere Q (Multi-Room Ti Vo) you can absolutely watch and record shows on your Ti Vo Premiere Q, while also watching your recorded shows on each Ti Vo Mini connected to a TV in your home.

You can have one Ti Vo Premiere Q with up to two Mini's.

With our Ti Vo T6, it has built-in Ti Vo Stream functionality and can connect up to four Ti Vo Mini's. Can I link my current Ti Vo Premiere to a Grande Ti Vo? If you have purchased a Ti Vo Premiere at a retail store, you may set it up to receive Grande TV services by installing a Cable Card from Grande, however interactive features such as On Demand are not available.

Ti Vo Premiere from a retail store has an upfront cost of about 0 plus a monthly fee.

When it comes to service, we are right here in Texas, so you'll always get the answers you need from someone nearby who cares.

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