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Despite temporarily losing the Game of the Week package in 1961, ABC still televised several games in prime time (with Jack Buck returning to call the action).

This occurred as Roger Maris of major league markets.

Harmon, Chris Schenkel, Keith Jackson, served as ABC's principal play-by-play voices for this series.

Also on the network's announcing team were pregame host Howard Cosell and color commentators Leo Durocher, Tommy Henrich, Warren Spahn (who worked with Chris Schenkel on a July 17 Baltimore-Detroit contest), and Hall of Fame Brooklyn Dodger great Jackie Robinson (who, on April 17, 1965, became the first black network broadcaster for Major League Baseball).

ABC paid .7 million for the rights to the 28 Saturday/holiday Games of the Week. According to ABC announcer Merle Harmon's profile in Curt Smith's book Voices of Summer, in 1965, CBS' Yankee Game of the Week beat ABC in the ratings in at least Dallas and Des Moines.

To make matters worse, local television split the big-city audience. the Cardinals in the New York market, yet the Mets would still kill them in terms of viewership.

It was until the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961, that antitrust laws barred "pooled rights" TV contracts negotiated with a central league broadcasting authority.

In 1953, ABC earned an 11.4 rating for their Game of the Week telecasts. In the rest of the United States, 3 in 4 TV sets in use watched Dizzy Dean) retaining Dean/Blattner and Mc Colgan/Finnegan as the announcing crews (as well as Gene Kirby, who produced the Dean/Blattner games and alternated with them on play-by-play) and adding Sunday coverage in 1957. Now teams begged for "Game"'s cash." In 1959, ABC broadcast the best-of-three playoff series used to start many of their Saturday home games late in the afternoon.

Major League Baseball media director John Lazarus said of the new arrangement between NBC and ABC "Ratings couldn't get more from one network so we approached another." NBC's Joe Garagiola wasn't very fond of the new broadcasting arrangement at first saying "I wished they hadn't got half the package.

According to ABC Sports producer Chuck Howard, "(Robinson) had a high, stabbing voice, great presence, and sharp mind.

All he lacked was time." Under the initial agreement with ABC, NBC, and Major League Baseball (1976-1979), both networks paid .8 million.

The team owners liked that arrangement as the national telecasts didn't compete against their stadium box offices.

ABC on the other hand, found the arrangement far more complicated.

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