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In retaliation, she vandalizes his customized four-wheel drive vehicle by keying the sides, carving her name into its leather seats, smashing the headlights with a Louisville Slugger baseball bat and slashing all four tires.

All of these actions are part of her hopes that this will make him "think before he cheats" again.

In other scenes, the "husband/boyfriend" (portrayed by actor Tabb Shoup) is seen kissing another woman.

As the video progresses Underwood takes the stage to sing as various objects behind her, such as lamps, are seen exploding.

“In my heart, I knew it wasn’t right,” she told UK’s NOW Magazine. I feel like it was more of a publicity stunt.” [From In Touch, print edition, May 28, 2012] I looked up what Carrie said about the relationship at the time, and she admitted that they broke up over text message.

She also said that the media made more out of it than it was.

It received a nomination for the Grammy Award for Song of the Year as well.Although the song is about a tale of revenge, according to Carrie Underwood, while she had been cheated on before, "I wouldn't recommend doing any property damage, though.I'm a 'let it go, move on' kind of person." In the beginning of the video Underwood is seen leaving a parking lot brandishing a Louisville Slugger, having just vandalized her husband/boyfriend's truck for cheating on her.So that may be affecting Carrie’s view of her relationship with Chace quite a bit."Before He Cheats" is a song written by Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear and the third wide-release single from Carrie Underwood's debut studio album, Some Hearts (2005). The song tells the story of a woman taking revenge on her potentially unfaithful boyfriend/husband.

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