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were three fortressed cities: Corinth, Chalcis, and Demetrius.

The cities were heavily fortified and considered strategic sites.

The Greek states were chained in, or by these three Macedonian strongholds. Since the Antigonids never conquered Greece, and instead, only controlled it, suggests that it was essential to their own security and imperative that they be the power that ruled Greece.

world were located in Egypt: the Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria, and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The statue was built by the famous Pheidias, who began working on it in 440 BC.

The ivory and gold statue was over forty feet high, with a base twenty feet wide. The legs of the throne were decorated with sphinxes and winged figures of Victory.

With this added, the total height of the building comes to 140 feet." Artemisia supervised its construction until she died.

In On his head is a sculpted wreath of olive sprays.

Very little is known of the Colossus of Rhodes, although apparently it was toppled by an earthquake in 226 BC.

It was an enormous bronze statue of their patron god, Helios.

Its existence has never been proven, nor its ruins uncovered.

, Strabo reports that the gardens were quadrangular in shape and were a series of arches and terraces.

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Its stones were carried off and used to build other structures.

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