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Whereas our Latin Fathers have never concerned them at all (most Eastern Christians have never even heard of our schoolmen or canonists), they still feel the influence of the Greek Fathers, their theology is still concerned about controversies carried on originally in Greek and settled by Greek synods. Further legislation formed two more at the expense of Antioch: Constantinople in 381 and Jerusalem in 451.

The literature of those that do not use Greek is formed on Greek models, is full of words carefully chosen or composed to correspond to some technical Greek distinction, then, in the broadest terms, is: that a Western Church is one originally dependent on Rome, whose traditions are Latin; an Eastern Church looks rather to Constantinople (either as a friend or an enemy) and inherits Greek ideas. In any case the Roman patriarchate was always enormously the greatest.

Religious officials have said it is a sin for a woman to be seen in the sacred building in Gari, Tatarstan (pictured) without a veil or scarf let alone in a half-transparent dress and revealing lingerie The Russian Investigative Committee - seen as equivalent of the FBI - announced it has launched a probe into the shoot.

Potentially, the model, photographers and editors of the magazine - Sovet da lyubov - can be handed three year jail sentences.

But both these lands eventually fell back into the branches that surrounded them (except for the thin remnant of the Catholic Italo-Greeks).

We may, then, say that any ancient Church east of that line is an Eastern Church.

To these we must add those formed by missionaries (especially Russians) from one of these Churches.

All the others, with schismatical bodies formed from them, make up the Eastern half.Western Christendom till the Reformation was Latin; even now the Protestant bodies still bear unmistakably the mark of their Latin ancestry. In a still broader sense the East may be called Greek.True, many Eastern Churches know nothing of Greek; the oldest (Nestorians, Armenians, Abyssinians) have never used Greek liturgically nor for their literature; nevertheless they too depend in some sense on a Greek tradition. vi) there were three patriarchates, those of Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch.To find a time when there was one Eastern Church we must go back to the centuries before the Council of Ephesus (431).Since that council there have been separate schismatical Eastern Churches whose number has grown steadily down to our own time.

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Looking at a map, we see that, roughly, the division between the Roman patriarchate and the others forms a line that runs down somewhat to the east of the River Vistula (Poland is Latin), then comes back above the Danube, to continue down the Adriatic Sea, and finally divides Africa west of Egypt.

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