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Divorce would be messy all round; plus "Prue would lose her handsome pension, and we can't have that." So, yes, they are living together "in sin", but that's OK because, as he puts it: "There isn't any stigma attached to this sort of thing now, is there?"Times have changed a good deal since I was a young man. Might give offence all round." Certainly, their happiness has been a long time coming.I kept two photographs of her, which subsequently my wives always found and tried to tear up." They did not meet again until 1988, when he happened upon Prue and her husband in the lobby at the House of Commons. "Wonderful job, and one usually reserved for the editor's mistress, or so I believe." Eventually, they both left their long-established marriages to be with each other. He couldn't have an operation because he wasn't deemed fit enough. He is 12 months into a 15-month course of hormone injections intended to "keep the beast at bay".What, I ask, happens at the end of the 15 months if the beast is still on the rampage? "I am much too frightened to ask." He is sitting at the kitchen table, making a salad dressing to go with lunch.A teaspoonful of Coleman's mustard goes "plop-splash" into a bowl.The plop-splash sounds very loud because we have all fallen silent in that very English kind of way.They nodded dismissively and moved on briskly, never to touch on the topic unless it could not be avoided.

You had a lot in common with them and even shared some of the same Facebook friends. Their pictures were what drew you in; there were women of all colors and the men that had supported them.

In fact, in a few days it is the fifth anniversary of their moving in together. Before Prue, I had no idea liver could taste so exquisite." However, although an obvious whiz with offal, he has no plans to marry her.

To celebrate, Prue is going to do calves' liver and onions for lunch."My mother was a terrible cook," says Julian. Apart from anything else, he is still married to his second wife, Heather, while Prue is still married to John Bellak, former chairman of the Severn Trent water company.

He lives in Ludlow, Shropshire, in a Georgian house bang in the middle of the high street and stuffed with antiques. Paula and Heather and Prue all went to Cheltenham Ladies' College.

I think it would be fair to assume that Julian has never been tempted into running off with a waitress from a Happy Eater. But, that said, he would like to make it clear that he has never gained financially from his marriages.

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By the time you were ready to leave, you did so before you could hear their vague hypothetical plans for the future. By the time you encountered the Healthcare advocates, your confidence was a bit bruised, and none of the dates you had been on had given you that feeling: like you had a future together. You were so excited with the thought of the future with this prospect. You could see you giving of yourself in this ally-ship and feeling appreciated in return. Click after click though, there was no indication that you mattered to them at all, there was no glimmer that you had even participated in the movement despite feeling that the entire encounter was good for the both of you. Just a warm body and some inspiration to a political movement that you can’t even be sure will be of aid to you in the future.

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