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That makes it harder for a reader to dip in – such as the private security person wanting to see what the book, what the PCCs and chiefs, have to say about cyber; or fraud; or counter-terrorism.Other quibbles, and perhaps the ones already aired, are at best debatable; you could argue that more could be said about the 2011 riots for instance; but life and policing have moved on – indeed, the fact that terms for chiefs are not as long as they were is a factor worth dwelling on, in terms of occupational culture.And isn’t it the same – doesn’t politics get in the way - for the National Health Service, and the armed forces, and state schooling?Comparing the state of police leadership, and use of IT, with those other fields would have been worthwhile to widen Roycroft’s analysis by the way.North from Stratford, up through Leytonstone Road, Gurney Road also keeps his legacy alive.And in the Museum of London Docklands, near Canary Wharf, the Buxton Table on which the 1833 abolition bill was discussed and drafted can be seen – which also bears Gurney’s name.

Indeed Roycroft goes on to make the point that in Scotland, which merged its police forces into one, and brought some economies of scale, there’s more to any decision than finances – the public have to feel happy about what they are, after all, paying and voting for.

But his legacy is being kept alive in another, more active sense – by people committed to ending modern slavery, which continues despite all earlier efforts.

“I think everyone thought slavery had been abolished years ago,” Dr Mark Roycroft, criminologist and senior lecturer at the University of East London, said.

Police Chiefs in the UK: Politicians, HR Managers or Cops? Hardcover, 224 pages, £66.99, ISBN 978-3-319-44104-7. Meanwhile, the backdrop is of austerity, and ‘uncertain funding arrangements’.

Police are facing new demands – and have to balance new crimes, such as cyber-crime and human trafficking, besides ‘historical issues’ such as investigating allegations of sexual abuse.

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Policing is after all done by people, and as the author points out at the very end, 80 per cent of the police budget goes on staff costs.

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