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It can be the same sad story without you even realizing it.

So learn to identify when you're slipping back to your own predictable self. Part of Colin's 30 Day Challenge hasn't come without some resistance.

With this experience, as well as corporate and personal coaching , he started a movement that integrates the...

We've been following Colin, a 20 something bartender from Portland, Oregon who's girlfriend recently broke up with him.

First off—visiting La Universidad de Fitzwilliam-o. With my confidence pants hiked up to my bellybutton, I boldly embarked on my very first college visit…and it was a lot of fun!She confessed to being in love with her female best friend who had recently re entered her life. Steve recaps the "Colin Break Up Chronicle" and look back on how much progress he's made in four short weeks.From feeling despair and heart ache, wallowing in self pity and trying to get her back, to honing that burning desire to take control of his...I coach Colin Pomeroy through his latest relationship dilemma. Today on Session's with Steven brought to you by the Shy Man's Dating School Podcast Series, Colin and I address the critics of the 30 Day - 30... Today on Sessions with Steven, I decode what a woman means when she says, "I'm just not feeling it tonight." I give Colin the guidelines on how to respond so that she doesn't use sex as a tool.I coach my client Colin through his new 30 day challenge, the 30 date challenge. I coach Colin on how to stack the odds in his favor when meeting women. I speak with Roy Sheppard about the warning signs of women you find to be just too good to be true.

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Yet, if seduction’s really encoded into our DNA, then why are we so bad at it?

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