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Snap is a fun tool, so it's intended to obtain funny photos that you can use to play a joke on a friend, create an original avatar for your favourite IM client or design a custom greeting card.

The app includes a variety of filters and effects to apply to your photos, such as night vision, mirror effect, do I look fat? Using them is a cinch: just select a given filter, see what it looks like in the preview window and click on the snap button to capture the image if you like the result.

Alternatively all snapshots are otherwise considered private and full responsibility belongs solely with the uploader and are attached with a private licence.

Snapshots containing race hate, spam, harassment, gore or anything considered to be any of those things by site moderator(s) reviewing the reported snapshot(s) are completely forbidden from this site.

Webcams are totally free for cam users around the world. Teenager profiles video movies all chat using webcams. Webcams are not required to use the adult webcam video room. Our senior chatroom is the worlds #1 senior chat room provider.

Take photo with your webcam online for free on!Depending on whether you're logged in when snapping the photo, your snapshot may expire and auto delete after 2 months.Setting a 'Time Delay' from the drop-down list will enable you to delay the frame capture of your photo by X number of seconds, giving you time to set a pose.Snapshots are automatically saved in a specified folder, but unfortunately you can't select their size or format.Once you've taken your fun images, you can open them in whatever app you liike, and make further edits or simply email or print them.

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