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Māori lived along the shores of Golden Bay from at least 1450, which is the earliest dated archaeological evidence (from carbon dating) yet found.

In 2010 an extensive scientific study was made of Golden Bay by a team from Otago University led by Ian Barber.

They accurately plotted and investigated a large number of early Māori sites ranging from pā to kainga to probable kumara gardens that stretch along the coastal arc from the base of Farewell Spit at Triangle Flat, 60 km eastwards to a pā site 10 km east of Separation Point.

A California property overlooking a steep cliff after a landslide eroded the backyard hit the market last week for a jaw-dropping 0,000.

Even the listing warns that the property is 'not for the faint of heart' - but given the state of the Bay Area real estate market, the realtor said she's already had 10 inquiries.

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when attacked giving the Māori time to assemble an attack force.

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