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Cirrus uses wet wings rather than an aluminum fuel tank tucked inside the wing.

Any crack in the plastic from an accident turns into a fuel leak, and the planes have had a tendency to catch on fire after crashing, unlike Diamonds, for example, which have a welded aluminum tank inside their wings.

For pilots accustomed to learning about an impending stall by feeling reduced airloads on the flight controls, the Cirrus provides much less stall warning.

The plane was introduced in 1999, and within a few years Cirrus Design was selling more four-seat piston-powered airplanes than anyone but Cessna.However, mechanical failures are not a very common cause of small airplane crashes.Indeed, after 15 years and thousands of Cirruses operating worldwide, engine failure followed by parachute deployment remains very rare.Aside from the parachute, the Cirrus has a fair number of pro-safety features: (1) modern 26G safety cockpit, (2) angled firewall on the G2 models (introduced Fall 2004) to encourage skidding rather than crunching on a nose-first landing, (3) four-point seatbelts (with airbags starting in 2006), (4) good visibility, (5) highly redundant electrical supply.In terms of avoiding an accident, one problem with the Cirrus is its unforgiving handling compared to other basic four-seaters.

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Cirrus's advertising stresses the enhanced safety provided by the airframe parachute and the computer screens showing the airplane's position relative to airports, mountains, weather, etc.

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