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This character often stands out and wants to protect others. They are smart and work to find ways of defending the group.

They are willing to stick their neck out for the sake of others, and it ultimately leads to their demise.

Wat vind je er bijvoorbeeld van om Argentinië en Chili te combineren?

Je kunt je reis ook baseren op de bezienswaardigheden die je nog van je bucketlist moet afvinken.

In the end though, they are the one that the group comes to for advice or help.

This character may survive because of their knowledge, since they probably already came from the original movie.

Take care to remember that almost every horror movie cliche is offensive and annoying, so don’t read this if you tend to take things too seriously.

For the fun of it and since Halloween is just around the corner, we decided to comprise a list of horror cliche characters that fit each personality type.

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