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Debora Caprioglio pulling her red teddy off to go fully nude in a bedroom, showing breasts, butt, and bush as a guy watches her and then she sits down next to him on the bed.

After talking to him for a bit, Debora stands up and he grabs and rubs her butt with his hands before she kneels in front of him to go down on him.

She then lays down on an examination table and the guy reaches down between her legs to rub her with his fingers as we get an explicit view.

Debora Caprioglio in a see-through pink teddy as she accompanies a guy from the lobby of a brothel into a room.

While Misty is trained for her big test, seducing a homosexual artist, the relationship between the doctor and Misty remains unsettled.

After sitting in the lap of another customer, she walks over to Valentine Demy, who is standing and showing full-frontal nudity.

So, here it is, 75 things that a formulation scientist or cosmetic chemist might do on any given work day, conveniently presented in four categories.

Create formulas Gather raw materials Get equipment for making batches Make batches Restock lab supplies Keep notes in notebook Write experimental results in notebook Clean glassware and lab Research formulation topics Generate new product ideas Create prototypes Create dye solutions for color matching Make samples for marketing Supervise / make batches for home use tests Supervise first production batches Solve stability problems Generate test ideas to substantiate claims Figure out ways to make formulas less expensive Attend focus groups Participate in brainstorming meetings Review product label copy Assist in writing product concepts Present new technologies to non-scientists Take p H readings Take viscosity readings Fill and label glass and plastic bottles Wash & comb hair tresses Color matching Bleach and color hair tresses Conduct foam tests Run stability tests Conduct skin moisturization tests Run project specific, customized tests Try formula prototypes View samples under a microscope Observe salon tests Conduct odor tests Participate in product panel testing Get samples for testing Evaluate competitive products Read trade journals Read Chemists Corner and other useful blogs in your RSS reader Attend meetings with suppliers Go to SCC meetings Go to industry trade shows Take continuing education courses Attend conferences Review latest patents Listen to podcasts like the Chemists Corner podcast Read industry text books Take online training courses Pursue an advanced degree in cosmetic science Respond to emails Create presentations Attend corporate meetings Attend project planning meetings Respond to phone calls Do desk side interviews with beauty editors Conduct training sessions for non-scientists Write business travel reports Fill out expense reports Write monthly reports Go to office celebrations Engage in “water-cooler” chat with co-workers Write memos Sign and review contracts Give instruction to people who report to you Meet with your boss to update them on your progress Interview candidates Entertain kids during Bring Your Kid to Work week Keep track of project progress Engage in debates with regulatory & legal departments Write patent applications Write employee reviews Whew!

Debora Caprioglio wearing a dress that hangs open to have her breasts spill out as she and a number of other girls watch Martine Brochard sings and dances on a chair while a guy plays piano.

After the song, the other girls leave and the guy from the piano approaches Debora, kissing her hand before we see Debora stand up with her breasts in view.

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