Pregnant after dating for two months

They loved their new sister and I was back earning money," she said.“I had a long commute each day and being a teacher and a head of department was stressful. Dan had gone from being a commitment-free man in his 20’s to a father of a new born, and step dad to three other children with massive responsibilities,” she said.Finley has dark hair and brown eyes, a complete set of baby teeth and chatters away coherently.Tiny Macey is blonde with blue eyes, has only her first few teeth and can't yet speak properly.To their amazement, Michelle fell pregnant within just two months and their son Joseph, now six, was born the following November.

For although the pair share the same birthday, they were, incredibly, conceived at different times - Finley at the end of 2005, Macey at the start of 2006 - when their mother Michelle fell pregnant while already bearing a baby.“Our age-gap relationship didn’t work and our baby was the trigger for its failure. “We never really got to know each other and I was rebounding." When they split, Deborah had to give up work to look after her children. The kids and I lived off my savings and when they ran out I had to sign up for benefits," she said."Our daughter is now three, my other daughters are 13 and 9 and my son is 19.” She added: “Now I get called a 'dole bludger' and '4 X 4' because I have four kids by four dads.She said: “They took to him very well and I realise he was closer in age to my eldest than me but it didn’t matter.” Deborah, then 39, didn’t think she was able to have any more children, so was stunned to discover she pregnant with Daniel’s baby. “Daniel was supportive throughout the pregnancy and excited about the baby,” she said.“Daniel and I didn’t see age, we just saw two people who loved each other.” Deborah gave birth to daughter Amelia by C-section and was supported at the birth by proud Daniel.

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