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It's an incredibly early release though, because I won't bother working on it if it doesn't catch up enough interest to make a good format for the script for making your custom mods.

And also looking for feedback on what might be the best way to do it, and what better place than SRetro for that?

Distributing mods for a game of the size of Sonic Generations, and with not a really open file support(yet), most of the modding of the game relies on packing/unpacking the game datafiles, or in the case of level swaps, renaming several files.

Of course, regular users can't really enjoy any of this without a long set of instructions, so this is my take at trying to make a script-based installer for any mods you guys need to install.

In case your mod uses Save File redirection, you can specify in your with the key "Save File Backup" the save file that will be restored when users click on "Restore Save File" for that particular mod.

If you don't specify it, Sonic GMI will search for the save file you specified, with a ".new" appended to the end.

It will warn you if you're about to play with an unpatched version of the game.

Please lemme know if you run into any bugs, or it just doesn't god damn work. If you want to have some help to make other Generations hacking programs, or to expand on this, to make modding Generations itself easier, me and a group of people just excavating these XML files for Generations can provide you with some information we discovered through both experimentation and the power of READING!For example: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sonic generations\ It doesn't replace any of the game's files, so uninstalling it is trivial.It's not even needed since you can just disable the mod redirection and play the vanilla game.Sonic GMI used to be a mod installer of its own, but now it's been rehauled as a GUI front-end to CPKREDIR, so users can easily configure the mods they use, their order, and various other settings in an quick and simple interface.You can make a shortcut to Sonic GMI directly to play the game and be able to configure mods easily, but it's not required to launch the game from it for the mods to work! Copy the contents of this folder into the folder where Sonic is stored.

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