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I verbalized that I was not comfortable with this situation because I could see this as habit forming for his family.He gave them 0-00 monthly and he would just recently give that amount and after two weeks they would rant on him again telling them they don’t have any money for food. How would that hapoen when he just gave them that amount of money?I think his parents are being unfair, but if it’s something they’ve instilled his whole life, there’s little hope of changing them.Sounds like a compromise is in order — perhaps he can give his parents some amount that his wife deems fair? I know this doesn’t help this couple, but for goodness sakes people need to talk over these sorts of things before marriage!If someone dies, he pays for it and pay her rent, cable, con-ed while she is away and it spits me off. We had plans before to build our own family and buy our own house but how can we do that when he kept it a secret to me thet he gave all our money to his family always telling me it’s for his parents back home in the Philippines.He gave away thousands of dollars that left our savings account to zero.He was instilled way before to be the source of money for them.

This isn’t something that they directly discuss with his wife, but they have instilled in him over the years – and probably growing up – that it’s his responsibility first and foremost to make sure his parents are financially taken care of.Anyways it’s not their money they’re using but my husband’s so they din’t feel how painful it is to see your hard earned money being thrown away for nothing.And they pawned their jewelries back home and my husband is the one who paid for it to get it back. However, his parents have a built-in expectation that they should be given some kind of financial support from their son. I know this couple well, so I won’t make the details identifiable – and will relay the situation is a slightly different way. Anyway, the guy’s parents are seemingly nice people on the surface, as are the woman’s parents.

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Who would give you money while you’re doing nothing?

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