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An angler also spends more time actually fishing, since his flies stay in the water longer.

This for me is a key factor - the longer a fly is in likely water the greater your chances of hooking fish. As for flies, there are a couple of things to consider.

(Article continues below advertisement) The cast is nothing more than a lob of the weighted flies upstream.

Don't try 'flicking' a short cast, your ears will not be happy.

The flies are positioned 20 inches apart, with the heaviest fly typically in the middle position.

The flies are tied on using droppers off the leader.

The technique can be invaluable if you want to avoid crowds.The leader is generally around 3 metres, or the length of the typical rod.This leader needs to be strong enough to account for the fact that a fish is hooked and played very close to the angler.(In fact most using this technique do not use a fly-line.) The leader will be loaded with two or three nymphs, heavily weighted, and this means heavy.The heaviest fly is generally in the middle of the team of flies.

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I find the best method of 'casting' is (if right-handed) to face downstream, let the line drift down below you, and with the line tight and the rod-tip right at water level, do a 'back-cast', that turns into a forward cast as you swing your body to face upstream.

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