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What you get on the slave market - free profile - free messaging - unlimited browsing - free upgrade possible - free forum - free chat - site in 6 languages take me straight away to the slave market ! Richard Adler is the puffy cheeked, shop-class teacher at South Park Elementary. Craig", he is plagued by memories of his fiancée's death and chews copious amounts of nicotine gum to deal with them." The episode "Mysterion Rises" reveals Adler to be a member of the Cult of Cthulhu.Adler always has a visible bandage covering a scar on his forehead after his suicide attempt. Adler's character was based on an old shop teacher who taught co-creator Matt Stone.Afterwards, he communicates with his fiancée's spirit through Kenny's corpse, and she helps him move on from his mourning.

The character's biggest role was in the season 2 episode "City on the Edge of Forever", where she has the main role in the episode's b-plot.

The police arrive and ask if Trent started the fire. F.", where he is fired due to some of the wrestling videos on his i Phone being mistaken for gay pornography, and eventually joined the WWE. She was the bus driver for South Park elementary, and enforced incredibly strict discipline on the bus, constantly yelling at the students to enforce quiet.

She replies "no" with two beeps but the police mistake it for "yes yes" and arrest Trent. Claridge appears briefly in two other episodes, "The Death of Eric Cartman", where Cartman, in his efforts to atone for his life's misdeeds, gives her a fruit basket, and also again at the talent show in "Erection Day". Connors (Trey Parker) was the wrestling teacher at the school. She does the same to adult staff travelling on the bus, and doesn't seem to understand that she can't report the staff for disorderly conduct like she would with the students.

He once almost married a succubus, but the boys saved him.

He has not been seen since "Return of Chef" because of the departure of Hayes.

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