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I never knew why I had these feelings and desires, and I grew up like many of you did, feeling there was something wrong with me or worse, feeling I was alone and possibly the only person on this planet that had this fetish..

although back then I had no idea what a fetish was.

She is the serious type Rarely laughs Not very sociable Not a fan of comedies Not spontaneous, has to plan everything in advance Not open to trying new things Close minded Doesn’t openly communicate Now again, having some of these traits does not mean there will be no spanking in this relationship, but they are negative signs and something to be aware of.

Don’t write these people off just yet though, because there are still a few simple tests you can do, that we will talk about later, that will let us know if there is spanking future with this person.

As I started to become attracted to the opposite sex, my eyes would always focus on her derriere.

I considered it then as I do now, the most beautiful site to behold in the world.

I will say however that if you have recently found yourself single, give yourself some time before jumping back on the dating bandwagon.

In fact, personality is the most important thing to me when looking for a partner.

So please don’t think that when you go out looking for a spanking partner your chances will be very low in finding one, because they are not.

If you believe ahead of time that you will fail, you will. Let’s move along and talk about how to meet, and most importantly how to keep that special spanking someone.

Many people do the same thing when in comes to being attracted to a person.

You either are or your not, and it’s not something you can fake.

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If you are simply looking for someone to spank, or be spanked yourself for that matter, there are personal sites that do exist, but if you are actually trying to find a woman for a long term relationship on one of these sites, you really need a lot of luck and patience.

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