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The Alt-Lite Keyboard Warriors are giving each other hand jobs in celebration, just like they do whenever a Cop puts a bullet in a Black back and then says the murdered person was threatening him.

In fact, I bet the Cops are rejoicing that the Army is testing out wholesale lynching and since it already happens here, maybe they want to expand it.

Lieutenant Mark Comte, who heads Metro-VNI, testified to what they know so far. And again, for those who might have forgotten or never read my viewpoints about the christmas scam, I read the Book, m’kay?

And in the book there is no mention of a morbidly obese Elf-changeling nor flying reindeer, mistletoe, talking snowman, you know the spiel.

Of course Franken’s resignation is true to his party’s character. Alabama Republican Roy Moore’s philandering is far more toxic, but God Bless Him, he’s sticking to his guns, because he dances with them that brought him.This post highlights how you can create AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in Word Press.If you are dealing with Type 2 diabetes, maintaining a healthy weight should be one of your top priorities.You and your arrogant elitist associates (none of you have actual friends, just as you have no conscience)don’t do anything to relieve the burdens your wealthy country club put on the “lower” class and you sic your cowardly slave-police on us whenever we disagree with your high and mighty decisions.Read more » The Puppet Dictatorship in Iraq are “giving them fair trials” lasting an average of 20 minutes each and then hanging them immediately.

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