Survey singles want dating advice

I didn't realize there was such a demand for singles to connect with one another.— Elizabeth I had the awesome opportunity to help revamp my church's singles ministry. Even the facilitator became bored with the monthly meetings.

Seven months later, it's a thriving ministry of faithful, loving brothers and sisters in Christ. Besides lots of prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit, two things stand out to me: commitment to service and community.

If I started another singles group it would focus primarily on meeting spiritual needs.I collected a list of e-mails from interested singles, and I send them a message about our plans on Wednesdays.We go bowling, attend hockey games, go ice skating, take dance lessons, and a lot of other fun activities.I've seen one godly person turn a whole group from a little social gathering that's Christian in name only to a group that's on fire for the Lord.At the same time, you can't assume everyone who shows up is a believer or has good motives.

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