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Earlier, he worked as minister at the Grace Family of Churches and led international development He holds a master’s of public administration from the Harvard John F.

Kennedy School of Government and a Master of Theological Studies from Regent College of the University of British Columbia.

This is a statewide collaboration that reveals the landscape, trends, and needs of mentoring and youth development programs in Georgia.

Survey results are largely positive, but there are still many challenges for formal mentoring programs.

On the positive side, two-thirds of these programs match mentors with mentees for a full school year, with a quarter of all mentoring relationships lasting at least 12 months.

This is a critical part of mentoring: trusting relationships take time to develop, and Georgia mentors do great work by sticking with it.

Put more simply, at the heart of mentoring is love.Talk about seeing firsthand how to treat strangers.Thanks to Buddy, I have more courage to face the pain of others and more empathy for people I don’t yet know.He taught my wife, Joy, and me there are no limitations on what we can do — that our ideas and dreams may be beyond the horizon, but absolutely worth pursuing.Once as we were leaving a hospital together, Buddy saw a tearful young woman struggling to move her ailing husband from a wheelchair into their car.

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I care intensely about mentoring because it made me who I am. I was born white, male, and to a middle-income family.

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