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The Democrat spoke to a handful of Minnesota media outlets on Sunday in the first interviews he’s granted since being swept into a nationwide tide of sexual misconduct allegations. What matters is that I am chained to that photo,” Franken said. I have apologized to her, and I was very grateful that she accepted my apology.”Tweeden said Franken also forcibly kissed her while rehearsing for a USO performance; Franken has said he has a different recollection of the rehearsal.

He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago and underwent surgery and chemotherapy.It’s bitter because when I stand on stage I feel I could do this for another 20 years, but I know that’s an illusion, even though I am in remission and have done everything I can to make this thing go to sleep.Yet I know that somewhere down the line I’m going to have to deal with it again.And our (African National Congress), which is the oldest liberation movement in the world (founded in 1912), is actually going to collapse through all this criminal activity. Al Franken said he feels “embarrassed and ashamed” amid allegations that he groped several women, but said he looks forward to returning to work on Monday and gradually regaining voters’ trust. Franken told the Minneapolis Star Tribune he doesn’t remember taking the specific photos, but said such groping is “not something I would intentionally do.”Asked whether he expected other women to step forward with similar allegations, Franken said: “If you had asked me two weeks ago, ‘Would any woman say I had treated her with disrespect? Franken told Minnesota Public Radio on Sunday the photo was “inexcusable.” He declined to explain it further.“What my intention was doesn’t matter. She had every right to feel violated by that photo.

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So it’s a happy/sad moment now.”On the happy side, Clegg will be doing a symbolic passing of the torch this tour.

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