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Here’s how: In the fast-paced social media space, you need to work at the speed of culture.Basing your content strategy on your historical data alone might not suffice.A social media search engine should be a part of every marketing team’s arsenal.If, for instance, you want to check if another brand in your industry has done something similar to a campaign idea you have, the search functionality available on social media sites is not very useful.This information can be crucial in designing your content strategy.

You can even sort them according to engagement markers such as likes, shares etc.

Then, you can get cracking so that you don’t miss out on these conversation opportunities You can then choose those topics and events that are most lucrative for you.

So, as we discussed earlier Discover shows you what brands are talking about.

Pipl is one such site that gets you the different social profiles belonging to a person. Other social media search engines usually get you posts, tweets, blog posts etc that contain a search string, including hashtags.

Using these, you can find out what has been written around a particular topic.

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